ANPR Camera

anpr camera


  1. Extremely optimized embedded license plate recognition algorithm: comprehensive recognition rate is higher than 97%.
  2. Video stream recognition Optimization: to ensure the recognition accuracy to the greatest extent.
  3. Excellent automatic imaging control: automatic tracking of light changes, effective suppression of pro-light and anti-light; Suppression of vehicle headlights at night; The supplementary light is controlled based on image analysis algorithm, which avoids the instability of the traditional supplementary light based on photosensitive resistance.
  4. All-weather safe data storage service.
  5. Adopt high IP protection level design to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation in typical scenarios.
  6. 100ms extremely fast gate opening experience: The VIR4.0 algorithm is recognized by a hardware acceleration engine with stronger computing power and faster operation, which will be reduced to 100ms from recognition to gate opening, which will greatly improve the parking experience for users.
  7. Intelligent processing of vehicles without license plates: multi-trigger mechanism to ensure the normal traffic management of vehicles without license plates (or severe pollution, etc.).
  8. Product stability: excellent hardware architecture and stable algorithm.
  9. It supports the maximum 4-way alarm input, 2-way alarm output, 1-way RS485, audio input and output, fill light control, USB and other rich interfaces, which can meet the needs of many devices in the scene, such as connecting channel gate, ground induction coil, LED display screen, upper computer, voice intercom terminal, etc.
  10. When the vehicle enters the recognition area, the camera outputs the vehicle photo data to the system.
  11. When the vehicle enters the recognition area, the camera outputs the license plate data to the system.
  12. Camera adjustment: fixed focus and electric focus (optional), remote control.
  13. Provide video streaming interface.
  14. Provide data cloud computing services and output various application services.
  15. Provide data query service.
  16. Provide data backup service, can provide backup server or backup server software service.