Boom Barrier

Boom Barrier
  1. Using 24V safety voltage power supply, breaking through the traditional barrier gate 220V supply mode, the product is safer and more reliable to use
  2. The landing speed (0.6 ~ 2S) is adjustable, which can be adjusted for fast rise and slow fall, to meet the needs of various environmental occasions (community, industrial park, high-speed toll station, check station, etc.)
  3. The digital control of the whole stroke of the brake lever is adopted to avoid the tedious process of mechanical limit adjustment.
  4. Unique anti-smashing function, completely through digital monitoring, the smashing force and response time can be adjusted, the entire process does not need to add any auxiliary equipment, such as: pressure radio waves, infrared induction, etc.
  5. The barrier function is temporarily set. With the buttons on the main board, the user can automatically adjust the parameters according to the needs to adapt to different environments and the setting is simple.
  6. Ground sense interface: If the ground sense is installed normally, when a vehicle is pressed on the ground sense coil during the fall of the pole, it will be turned to the lift. If the car does not leave the coil, pressing any key will not respond to the fall of the pole, but after the vehicle leaves the coil, the rod automatically drops.
  7. Support manual open when power failure, automatically reset when the power on.
  8. The barrier has multiple communication function interfaces to realize the barrier travel monitoring and remote control of the barrier.
  9. Professional outdoor paint on the surface, waterproof, moisture-proof, sun-proof and anti-corrosion.
  10. A variety of shell colors are available. 11.Built-in high-performance industrial-grade power supply.
  11. Built-in high stability, industrial-grade LED control circuit.
  12. Built-in high-quality electric switch.