Office & Manufacturing Spaces


Office & Manufacturing Spaces

Visitor/ Working Staff / Logistics Vehicle Management at Office & Manufacturing spaces required high dependency on Manual & Human resources which should be efficient, ethical & economical. Current business scenarios facing challenges in and made Technology along with Gate Entry/exit automation become inevitable.

WISEGO work closely with clients to provide Visitor/Vehicle management systems at Office & Manufacturing Spaces that provide solutions Offering Secured Management of Visitors/Vehicles in to premises.

Our solutions also offer definitive features:

Advantages of the WISEGO parking system in Office & Manufacturing Spaces:

  1. Gate Opening only after capturing vehicle Registration number (License plate)
  2. Seamless Entry and Exit for Pre-registered Vehicles (Working Staff & Own Transport Vehicles)
  3. Based on Need Certain Vehicles can be blocked from Entry or Exit by registering their LP No
  4. Easy Evidence retrieval if any unforeseen incidents
  5. Easy Retrieval of Vehicle number in case of Wrong cargo dispatch
  6. Length of Stay for each vehicle can be ascertained.
  7. Real time report of over stayed vehicles
  8. Vehicle LP No along with its image will be captured for more authentication.
  9. If Premise is shared by multiple Agencies, Permission for Each Agency can be defined and controlled
  10. Each Agency can view their Vehicle Movement in the premises remotely from their offices.
  11. Daily Reports Can Be configured & customised based on the Local needs.
  12. Facilitates Security Guard to focus more vigilant over premises than ever.
  13. Any Particular Vehicle History for any given period can be fetched within no time.

Ware House Visitor/Vehicle Management System

Visitor/ Working Staff / Logistics Vehicle Management at warehouses required high dependency on Human resources which should be efficient, ethical & economical.
digital signage

Digital Signage

WISEGO Digital Signage products will offer a new dimension to the parking industry which will give 3D benefits of Revenue protection, Premises Protection & Vehicle Protection.