Parking Management Systems


WISEGO high-end parking system will offer a new dimension to the parking industry which will give 3D benefits of Revenue protection, Premises Protection & Vehicle Protection.

WISEGO offers The Intelligent HD ANPR Camera with > 96% success rate plays vital role in Smart Parking Solutions. providing a low maintenance solution whilst maintaining efficiency during the demand required by high operation facilities with different payment facilities

WISEGO system is a comprehensive solution to parking control, offering significant improvements which helps in increasing end user satisfaction due to operational reliability and a range of products to meet all requirements.

Reduction in parking operating costs.

  1. vehicle list with Photo & Registration Numbers (Which is not available in ticket-based parking since it will not capture license plate)
  2. Totally Touch Free Operation
  3. App Based Exit Lock Facility will provide security to Prevent vehicle theft
  4. Black List Facility to Enforce Govt Guidelines & Client Parking Policies
  5. High Transparency in Parking fee clearly marking for resident, staff, Shoppers & Business visitor vehicles
  6. Seam less entry/exit for whitelisted vehicles like staff & pass holders.
  7. No Special Process required in case like parking ticket lost & Verification of KYC to clear etc.
  8. Remote and centralized control of car park system
  9. Valet Parking & Multiple Gates as entry/exit can be configured

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