Research, Ministry & Defense Centre

Research, Ministry & Defense Centre:

Security has never been so easy with visitors/vehicles coming in to the places on business and now security & fast Entry/Exit at Gate Management became very important that can make technology watchdog system inevitable.

WISEGO parking systems have the ability to offer Secured Entry/Exit in to the places after clear capture of License plate of Vehicle with Visitor details & consent approval from security agencies.

Advantages of WISEGO Secured Gate Solutions:

  1. Integration of solutions into specific Secured systems.
  2. High car park security level, due to number plate recognition (ANPR)
  3. Seamless Entry and Exit for Pre-registered Vehicles (Staff, VVIP & VIP vehicles)
  4. Instant retrieval of Vehicle list for unforeseen incidents like un claimed Vehicles, long time parked vehicle & Security Breach.
  5. Based on Need Certain Vehicles can be blocked from Entry or Exit by registering their LP No
  6. Vehicle LP No along with its image will be captured for more authentication.
  7. The Performance of Parking / Gates of Premises can be viewed Locally, Remotely & remote Central Hub
  8. Vehicle Data can be analysed to understand the Geography of Visitors & Frequent Visitors.
  9. Flexible to customise local site requirements & Reporting format

Parking Management System

WISEGO high-end parking system will offer a new dimension to the parking industry which will give 3D benefits of Revenue protection, Premises Protection & Vehicle Protection.