Residential & Gated Communities

Residential & Gated Communities

Residential & Gated Communities:

Secured Resident’s & Visitor Vehicle Management at Residential Premises can be the difference between success and failure, means customers are more likely to Invest in such residential property as a trusted environment.

WISEGO work closely with clients to provide Visitor/Vehicle management systems that provide solutions Offering Secured Management of Visitors/Vehicles

Our solutions also offer definitive features:

Advantages of the WISEGO parking system in Residential Premises:

  1. Gate Opening only after capturing vehicle Registration number (License plate)
  2. Seamless Entry and Exit for Pre registered Vehicles (Residents ,Staff & Annual Card Holders)
  3. App Based Soft Lock facility to lock Parked Vehicle to  protect from theft
  4. Resident approval prior to allowing visitor or logistics vehicle
  5. Mail to Resident in case visitor in their absence
  6. Count of Visitors (Guest Vehicle & Logistics Vehicle) is monitored at both gates to ensure premise is secured from miscreants.
  7. Based on Need Certain  Vehicles  can be blocked from Entry or Exit by registering their LP No
  8. Vehicle LP No along with its image will be captured for more authentication.
  9. Length of Stay for each visitor/Logistics vehicle can be ascertained.
  10. Real time report of over stayed visitor/Logistics vehicles
  11. Easy Evidence retrieval of unforeseen incidents like un claimed Vehicles & Security Breach.
  12. Shift Report: 24 Hrs Cycle Reports  mailed to the registered Authorised Person
  13. Flexible to customise local site requirements & Reporting formats
  14. Multiple   Premises can be configured Under one Solution
  15. Each  Premises can be viewed Locally , Remotely & remote Central Hub

Visitor/Vehicle Management System

WISEGO Gate entry/exit Visitor/vehicle Management system will Automate Resident/Visitor/Logistics Vehicles Movement Monitoring and Secure premises.