Toll Plazas

toll management system

Toll Plazas:

Traffic Management at Toll Plazas required high dependency on Human & Vehicle detection system resources which should be efficient & ethical to clear Vehicles as Quickly as possible by accurate collection of toll fee. Current business scenarios facing challenges in all these systems beyond their control and made Technology along with process automation become inevitable.

WISEGO work closely with clients to provide Toll management solutions at plaza level by zeroing dependency with reading licence plate of vehicle automatically and do vehicle classification.

Our solutions also offer definitive features:

Advantages of the WISEGO Toll Solutions:

  1. Automatic Capture of Licence plate & Classification
  2. Seamless Entry and Exit for VVIP, VIP & Department Vehicles
  3. Easy Retrieval of Vehicle number in case unforeseen incidents (Department Trackability)
  4. Day Report of Cash collection & Vehicle classification report
  5. Automatic Upload of Data In to Traffic Servers
  6. Vehicle LP No along with its image will be captured for more authentication.
  7. Multi-level Data Sharing Facility like Integrator, Concessionaire, NHAI & Other Departments
  8. Daily Reports Can Be configured & customised based on the Local needs.
  9. Ease of Usage & Fastest Clearance of Traffic at Lanes
  10. Any Particular Vehicle History for any given period can be fetched within no time.

Toll Management System

WISEGO Gate entry/exit Visitor/vehicle Management system will Automate Resident/Visitor/Logistics Vehicles Movement Monitoring and Secure premises.