Visitor Vehicle Management Systems

visitor management system

WISEGO Gate entry/exit Visitor/vehicle Management system will Automate Resident / Visitor / Logistics Vehicles Movement Monitoring and Secure premises

WISEGO offers The Intelligent HD ANPR Camera with > 96% success rate plays vital role to monitor and report day wise Visitor/Vehicle movement in to Premises.

  1. No Hassles of Going through Long Duration CCTV footage for Unforeseen Incidents
  2. App Based locking system will prevent evading the Resident vehicle by any unauthorized party.
  3. Single paragraph report on complete day’s activity of Logistics & Visitor Vehicles along with overstayed vehicles list.
  4. No Non registered Vehicles are allowed inside without consent by resident/Facility Manager.
  5. Blacklist facility will restrict entry for such vehicles had legal issues with either department or Premises society.
  6. Seam less entry/exit for whitelisted vehicles like Residents & facility Staff.

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