In urban environments, efficient vehicle management is critical for alleviating congestion and improving the overall transportation experience for visitors, students, staff and of course Christ University owners. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology has emerged as a potent solution for optimizing parking operations.


Wisego has implemented ANPR Based vehicle management system, Parking Information System and Parking Guidance System at university. ANPR system accurately identifies vehicles entering and exiting the parking facility with its license number plate, facilitating automated payment processes. Additionally, it provides real-time data on parking availability, enabling drivers to quickly locate vacant spots through a Parking Guidance System (PGS). Integration with mobile applications further enhances user experience by providing navigation to available parking spaces and enabling cashless transactions.


The ANPR-based vehicle management system significantly cut the long queues and the parking guidance system has reduced the time spent searching for parking lot with the help of parking information system & sensors. Moreover, efficient utilization of parking spaces maximizes revenue for parking operators while enhancing convenience for users. Overall, the implementation of ANPR-based Parking Management and Guidance System demonstrates a sustainable approach to urban mobility management.

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