Phoenix Mall in Guntur, a bustling shopping destination, sought to enhance its parking management system to improve customer experience and streamline operations. The decision was made to implement an ANPR based ticketless parking system, aiming to eliminate the need for physical tickets and optimize space utilization.


Vendor Selection: After rigorous evaluation, a reputable Wisego was chosen based on our excellent experience and technological capabilities.

Installation: The system’s hardware, including ANPR cameras and entry/exit barriers, was installed strategically across the parking facility.

Software Integration: The software was customized to integrate seamlessly with the mall’s existing management systems for smooth operation.


Testing and Calibration: Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure accurate license plate recognition and smooth operation of entry/exit barriers.

Staff Training: Mall staff were trained to assist customers and troubleshoot any issues arising during the transition period.

Soft Launch and Feedback: The system was soft-launched with initial feedback collected and analyzed for further refinement.

Wisego’s ANPR camera-based ticketless parking management system at Phoenix Mall, Guntur, streamlined parking operations, reduced congestion, and enhanced overall customer satisfaction. With efficient space utilization and improved user experience, the mall witnessed increased footfall and revenue growth.

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