Cochin International Airport one of India’s busiest airports, embarked on a mission to streamline its parking operations. In partnership with Wisego, a leading technology provider, the (CIAL) airport implemented a cutting-edge FASTag and ANPR based hybrid parking management system.

Deployment Process

The deployment of the FASTag & ANPR-based parking management system at Cochin Airport involved meticulous planning and execution. Wisego collaborated closely with airport authorities to integrate the system seamlessly into existing infrastructure. This involved installing FASTag readers, ANPR Camera, Boom Barrier, and an LED Display at entry and exit points, backend integration with payment gateways, and user interface enhancements for a user-friendly experience.


The implementation of the FASTag-based parking management system brought numerous benefits for Cochin Airport. Firstly, it significantly reduced vehicle processing times at entry and exit points, leading to shorter queues and enhanced customer satisfaction. Moreover, the automated payment process facilitated smoother transactions and minimized the need for manual intervention, thereby reducing operational costs. Additionally, the system’s data analytics capabilities provided valuable insights into parking patterns, allowing for optimized resource allocation and future planning.

Cochin Airport’s deployment of the hybrid ANPR/FASTag-based parking management system exemplifies its commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and passenger experience. By leveraging innovative technology, the airport has transformed its parking operations, setting a benchmark for other airports to follow suit.

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