Parking Guidance System

parking guidance system

WISEGO Parking Guidance System:

Space Availability Display

space availability display

Indication of Remaining Parking Spaces at Each Floor/Basement/Zone/Client etc

Direction Guidance Display

Direction Guidance Display

Guide the Car Owner’s Driving Direction through this Display Screen with Statistics of empty Parking spaces at each Intersection.

Parking status

Parking status

Empty Parking Spaces will Indicate Green Lamp and Occupied Parking Spaces will Indicate with Red Lamp.

System Architecture Layout

System Architecture Layout

System Function:

1.Ultrasound Sensor Detects Vehicle immediate after Parking

2.It Send Signal to Zonal/Client controller of respective Floor

3.Zonal/Client Controller Will Update Local Direction Display

4.Zonal/Client controller Sends Data to Master Controller

5.Master Controller Process the data and Update Space Availability Display

6.Master Controller Sync with Software which Generates Statistical Data